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Georgia Boukla

My approach is primarily concerned with notions of actual and abstract space and how this is occupied. I convey sensations and impressions associated with spaces in an attempt to investigate their functional and fictional realities. My practice is interdisciplinary and operates between painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, video and photography, often calling as much upon the methods and attitudes of the theatre and performance disciplines as it does upon the fine art traditions of the object or the image.

Currently I specifically make use of information ephemera found in the public urban everyday and I work on a series of images which reworks/amends  promotional material through a mechanical drawing process using a set of predetermined formalised rules. Relaying the influential position collage and the readymade occupies within the canon of modernist art these works reflect on the aesthetic incident and intent to displace meanings of destruction and subjective control.

Parallel to this I often work on a project-to-project basis and have a background of initiating and collaborating on various educational and cultural art programs. I am interested in exploring and introducing democratic and inclusive ideas within art activities investigating the tenuous borders delineating public and private terrains and to promote the view of art away from being exclusively a form of self-expression to one of a collective consciousness.

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